About the Journal

Preventive Paediatrics is the official journal of the Association of Preventive Paediatrics of Serbia. This publication intends to be the new scientific journal composed of original and review articles related to preventive paediatrics published to fulfill the main goal of the association. In addition, news, updates, and reports from congresses and scientific meetings will be presented as well. Every new project should have a clear goal. Our journal has a perfect objective for launching. Paediatricians should have a publication to express their needs, communicate and share their investigations, expertise and practice, and finally to establish international relations. For all these reasons, written material is the best way to present this information. Our national paediatric community has a lot to offer which deserves to be published and read. We hope that Preventive Paediatrics will be able to reach the main goal of continuous publication in written as well as on-line form. Furthermore, we believe that it will be able to connect experts from Serbia internationally and help in the joining of visions and ideas. 

In order to create/register an account for submitting a paper, first time authors are to contact the Computer Support at prevpedtso@preventivnapedijatrija.rs stating your first name, last name, affiliation with the link, and your email. We will then send you back an email with your login parameters. Once you receive your parameters from us you will then be able to log in and begin article submission.